Tawnie&Brina is dedicated to becoming a philanthropic brand through love. We thrive on positive energy, sunshine and good karma. We want to give back to charities that always appreciate a little more love.

An estimated 4 million animals are put down every year due to overcrowded shelters. When you purchase a Tawnie&Brina item that is a pro love item, we will donate a percentage to local animal shelters. pro love jewelry items are specifically designed for local animal shelters making a difference. Want to help this cause? You don’t have to purchase anything to help a cause, click on the organizations below to donate to one of the causes we support.

Kitten Rescue
Kitten Rescue is a non-profit, totally volunteer run organization devoted to finding loving new homes for unwanted cat and kittens. Kitten Rescue volunteers place approximately 1,000 cats and kittens into new homes every year.

Lucky Puppy Rescue and Retail
Lucky Puppy Rescue and Retail a non profit organization that fosters dogs from LA shelters. This great home is supported by donations and retail products they have in their store front.


We love all animals and have recently expanded into Pro Love Wildlife. Our donations will go to wildlife conservation and help efforts for preservation of endangered species.

“Panthera focuses on saving wild cat species across the globe…conserving large, functioning ecosystems on which they depend, and  contain thousands of species of plants and animals. Cats act as landscape guardians and their presence indicates healthy, intact ecosystems that are crucial for all life, including people.”  Their contributions help save lions, tigers, leopards, panthers and other exotic large cats.

Coming soon we have new products that support marriage equality. We believe everyone should have the right to marry their significant other. Everyone should have the ability to publicly celebrate their love while being legally recognized for it.

Marriage Equality USA
Marriage Equality USA is dedicated to legal rights for civil marriages for all. They were founded in 2001 and their mission is to create marriage equality without regard for sexual orientation or gender identity for both state and federal levels.